John Knowles

A Seperate Peace

John Knowles is an American novelist who is best
known for his novel, A Seperate Peace. He died in
2001 at the age of 75.

Day one
Before you read:
1. Watch the youtube video (You may have to copy and past the URL in order to watch it).

Write a short response on why Hitler hated Jews and what it has to do with the book.

As you read chapters 1-3:
2. Define "literary flashback" and describe its use in the book.
3. Define 1st, 2nd, 3rd, person point of view, omniscient and limited omniscient point of view. Which is used in the book?
4. At what time of year does gene return to Devon?
5. What tone is created by the setting during this season?
6. What do Gene's descriptions of the season suggest about his state of mind?

Day two
Before you read:
1. Listen to the Flogging Molley song and write down the seven deadly sins they describe. (You may need to copy the URL into the address bar in order to watch the video). Which of these is Gene guilty of?

While you read chapters 4-6:
2. The relationship between Finny and Gene is at the heart of the novel. As you read, take notes on Finny's ideas about sports, studies, rules, and life in general. Also record gene's comments on those attitudes and the effect those attitudes have on him.
3. Read the article on Envy and answer the questions below.
a. According to the article, what are some positive ways to deal with envy?
b. Do you agree with the hypothesis that envy can be good if it motivates you? Why or why not?
c.Before Finny's fall, how did Gene deal with envy?
d. Compare this article with the song, Seven deadly Sins. What are the similarities? What are the differences?

Day three
Before you read:
1. look at the following ads and describe what you think the purpose of these were during WW II.


While you read chapters 7-9:
2. Contrast the mood at devon during the summer session and fall session using the T Chart below and identify at least three factors that might account for this change in mood.

Day four
Before you read:
1. Watch the youtube videos below. Using the venn diagram below describe similarities between the boys' experience in Devon boarding school and the boys' experience in boarding school in the videos. (You may need to copy and paste the URL to the address bar to watch the videos).

While you read chapters 10-13:
1. Answer the following questions: What does it mean to be at peace with yourself? What kinds of things interfere with peace of mind?
2. define "Climax" and "Resolution". Describe where these are found in the book.

After reading A Seperate Peace:
Write a research essy answering how the time period affected the events and characters in the book.
You must correctly use MLA formatting to include a minimum of three sources.
See the documents below for further instructions and the rubric
Rough draft is due on Tuesday Dec. 20.
Final draft is due Thursday Jan. 5.