Student Web Quest
Follow the links and directions below each day. When we finish reading the novel, you will design a presentation in groups to teach the class.

Before you read
Students will understand the author, John Steinbeck

—Students will understand the overview of the novel.
—Students will understand the significance of oral storytelling as The Pearl has roots iActivitye oral tradition.
Students will write about three things they found interesting in the previous links. The explanations must be a paragraph long, and explain why you thought it was interesting. This should be sent to

While you ReadSection 1 oStudents will read chapters 1-3oStudents will make a brainstorming list on: money buys and then money can't buy. Email this to— Students will read the poem Money, by Carl Sandburg. —Student will answer three Quick Write questions.
Section 2
students will read chapters 4-5
—Importance of songs do activity #5

Section 3
—Students will read chapter 6
—Students will understand the genre of The Pearl as a parable
—Students will demonstrate their understanding of parables by writing a parable of their own. It must include a lesson that is learned, and be at least one page in length.

After you read
Project outline
—Students will design a presentation to teach the class about one of the following elements within The Pearl. Your teacher will put you into groups and assign you the topic.

  • —Major Characters
  • —The scorpion
  • —Imagery
  • —The pearl and what it represents
  • —The canoe
  • —Oppression of the poor
  • —Greed
  • —How the two Steinbeck novels read in class are different and similar
  • —How is The Pearl related to the oral traditions of storytelling?
  • —How is this story a parable?
  • —How does the story relate to the American Dream?

Your presentation must be 5-8 minutes long. You may use splice, slideshow, photowall, or any other program on the ipod. You must include a works cited list, a thorough examination of the topic, and be prepared to answer questions from the class. In this presentation, you are the teacher, so you must become an expert on the topic you choose.