v We the undersigned have read and understand the 2011 Deseret News – KSL 5 Television Sterling Scholar Awards handbook and will abide by the rules stated therein.

v We agree that all questions will be directed to the school and not the Deseret News or KSL 5 Television. All inquiries must be handled by the school coordinator, principal or assistant principal, who will be responsible to contact the Deseret News or KSL 5 Television for clarification. (This includes parents, students, private teachers, etc.) Failure to comply with this rule may result in disqualification of nominee.

v We agree that school deadlines must be met as well as Deseret News – KSL 5 Television deadlines.

v We agree that portfolios must be handed into the school on time. No individual portfolios will be accepted by the Deseret News - KSL 5 Television. Portfolios must be mailed in together as a school or brought to the Deseret News by the coordinator, principal or assistant principal of the school. No exceptions.

v We agree that a candidate must be present at the appropriate time and place for the interview. No videotape, audiotape, Power point presentation, teleconferencing, etc., or another individual can represent that nominee in place of the personal interview. Depending on unforeseen circumstances, Deseret News – KSL 5 Television may reschedule judging interviews in the event of a widespread, unforeseen catastrophe, such as severe weather or any other natural disaster. No special interview arrangements can be made to suit individual needs. There are no exceptions. INTERVIEW’S CANNOT BE CHANGED TO ANOTHER DAY TO ACCOMMODATE INDIVIDUAL NEEDS.

v We agree that inability to participate in the personal interview will be grounds for disqualification. All students MUST be in attendance on the day of the interviews.

v We agree that the decision of the judges is final and that Deseret News and KSL 5 Television will not overrule any judges’ decisions absent clear and convincing proof of fraud or abuse. All policies and procedures must be followed without exception.

v We agree that failure to sign this document and/or failure to follow all rules and regulations pertaining to the Sterling Scholar program may result in disqualification of the candidate.

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(Student Nominee)

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