Honors English Disclosure

Sophomore English Honors Disclosure

Welcome To class:
Class Goals:

o Improve student writing, reading, listening, and speaking skills
o Enhance critical thinking skills
o Develop a background in classical and modern literature
o Prepare for Junior Honors English and Advanced Placement English

Class Rules:

o Attitude:
§ Be positive.
§ Do not whine about assignments or class policies.

o Respect:
§ Show respect to me, your fellow students, and to yourselves.
§ Refrain from inappropriate behavior and comments.

o Responsibility:
§ Be prepared and on time
§ Complete the assignments and have them ready on the due date.

o Focus:
· Listen carefully and follow directions the first time
§ Stay on task

Class Expectations:

o Perfect attendance: Not all assignments may be made up
o Tardiness: If you are 20 minutes late, you will be marked absent. Tardiness will also result in a grade drop as you will not allowed to do the starter.
o Be ready with materials: pen, paper, assignments etc.
o Show a dedication to high quality work- sloppy and incomplete work shows you don’t care.
o Assignments are due at the beginning of class. I do not accept late work!
o If you are failing at midterm, you will be put on probation.
o If you fail the quarter, you will be moved to a regular class.
o Hall Passes:

§ Each student will receive 4 hall pass tickets at the beginning of each quarter. In order to go anywhere outside of class, you must present this ticket to me at that time.
o Missed work:
§ If your absence is excused, you have the day you get back from your absence to get the missed work all class activities and assignments are posted on a daily log at the front of the class). From that time, you have one day to make up the work. If you fail to turn in the work at that time, I will not accept it regardless of the excuse.
o Extra credit:
§ Extra credit may be earned once a quarter and is worth a maximum of 50 points. I will give you a list of assignments you may choose from.
o Cell Phones:
§ Absolutely no cell phones are allowed in this class! That means that if I see them, I will take them. It then goes to the office and stays there until your parent or guardian comes to pick it up. If you don’t want to lose it, do not bring it to class.
o Citizenship:
§ I expect all honors students to perform like honors students. Therefore, respect must be given to all students, their opinions, and differences. In our class, diversity is valued, not tolerated.
Curriculum: We study poetry, short stories, novels, plays, essays, research papers, vocabulary, grammar, and world literature. The following is a list of literature that is approved by the Granite School District and will be taught in this class.

o Anthem by Ayn Rand Inherit the wind by Lawrence and Lee
o The pearl by John Steinbeck Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

o Greek Mythology The Odyssey by homer
o Oedipus Rex A Separate Peace by John Knowles
o The tragedy of Julius Caesar Selected poetry for each quarter

Portfolios: For your final project, you will be required to present your portfolio to the class. It will be graded once a quarter to ensure that you are keeping up with the material.